Taking Care of a Parking Ticket in New York

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Middletown HondaAt our dealership we try to help our customers with all their vehicle needs, and that includes informing them about various automotive-related topics. Here’s a scenario that many drivers can relate to: you come back from enjoying your life and find a little slip of paper underneath your windshield wiper. Relax and don’t panic; a parking ticket isn’t the end of the world. Read on to learn how you can pay the parking ticket.

Your Options: Fight or Pay

Most of the time when you get a parking ticket, you instantly know that you parked too long or where you weren’t supposed to, but other times you might have a reason to fight. Carefully weigh your options, because going to court to fight the ticket takes time and could wind up with you paying a lot more money if you aren’t successful. Follow the instructions on the back of your ticket if you wish to fight, as you’ll have to notify the proper authorities.

If you choose to pay, then realize you are pleading an admission of guilt or no contest; there will be no plea bargains or anything of the sort. Failure to pay could result in the suspension of your driver’s license and you won’t be able to drive your vehicle until you get it taken care of. While one parking ticket isn’t going to hurt you, there is a point system in New York when it comes to tickets. If you get too many tickets, then you may have to enroll in a Driver Responsibility Program.

While paying for a ticket is no fun, fortunately there are plenty of options to make it very convenient. Your ticket will have precise instructions on the back of it, but most allow you to either pay at the local or county courthouse, over the phone, or online. There is usually a specific amount of time in which you have to pay, so take care of it right away to avoid any further penalties. A small nuisance could turn into a large hassle if you aren’t careful.

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