How to Plan a Haunted Road Trip

November 12th, 2012 by

Your friends or family might want to take a drive to go see the fall colors. Maybe you’re looking for something a little more exciting to do with your weekend. Sure, the east coast has a lot to offer as far as scenery, but there’s also a lot of history, too — more than most of the country, in fact. And where there’s history, there are inevitably ghost stories.

Going on a ghost tour is one of the best ways to go to places you normally wouldn’t travel. Even if you never see a ghost, it’s a great way to travel new roads, see new places, learn new history, and just have fun.

New York

  • •   Fiddlers Bridge in Clinton Corners. Local stories say that in 1910, a fiddle player got lost in the fog after coming home from a Halloween party. Unknowingly coming to a cliff, he missed the bridge and tumbled to his death. Around Halloween, you may still be able to hear him playing from the depths below.
  • •   The Loudon Cottage in Loudonville. The cottage was formally a summer home of Clara Harris, the woman who sat next to Lincoln in the Ford theatre when he was shot by John Wilkes Booth. After the president died, she reported seeing him in a rocking chair in her house. In 1900, the Governor of Massachusetts also reported seeing Lincoln, saying that the president even offered him counsel.


  • •   The Dudleyville Settlement. The site of a failed settlement, this location is said to be one of the most haunted places in America. A negative psychic energy is said to fill the air, energy that drove settlers insane and kept others away. The Dudleyville site is located in northwest Connecticut, near Cornwall. Though the local government has sanctioned the actual settlement site off-limits, the whole surrounding area is said to have a strange energy that’s worth investigating.


  • •   The Brass Lantern Inn. Why not try a nice scenic drive through Vermont with a spooky twist? A night with the ghosts at the Brass Lantern Inn may prove more uplifting than scary. A beautiful bed and breakfast, the Brass Lantern Inn is said to be haunted by a group of boisterous spirits who storm in during the middle of the night laughing, talking loudly about parties, and having a good time.