Planning a Cross-Country Road Trip

March 9th, 2013 by

Family RoadtripSo you and the ladies or guys have finally decided to take that huge, cross-country road trip. You’ve made this affirmation at least 10 times before, but this time you’re sure it’s going to happen. Just like you were sure the last 9 times.

A cross-country road trip takes some strong planning to get off the ground. While the idea of a Jack Kerouac style journey is romantically appealing, it has become extremely impractical. This doesn’t mean that you can’t travel on the cheap, see great sites, and meet a large cast of interesting characters. It just takes a little forethought.

Don’t let the planning stage discourage you, though. The more you plan, the more relaxing your trip is bound to be. Here are some key tips and caveats to be aware of for your planning stage:

  • •   Get everyone together – Don’t leave it up to one person to do the planning. Everyone is going to want to get their hands in it eventually, even if they say they ‘don’t care.’ Discuss what you want to see, how long you’re going to be gone, and what everyone is able to afford.
  • •   Keep track of ALL expenses – It’s probably a good idea to make someone the treasurer for the trip. Keeping close tabs on who pays for what, as well as keeping a hold of all receipts will help to guarantee that no one gets short changed or feels cheated.
  • •   Decide whose car you’re taking – It makes sense that you take a vehicle that balances ample interior room with a good fuel economy. Don’t forget the space you’re going to need for your luggage. Also be sure that the person who owns the vehicle is willing to put no small amount of wear on their ride. Maybe consider compensating them by cutting back the amount that they owe for gas.
  • •   Make it about the trip – Rushing for destination to destination is exhausting. Rather, create a structured, yet flexible schedule. Also consider taking county highways instead of the expressway. That way you’ll really get to view America as it was meant to be seen on a road trip. You’ll pass through Main Street America, get to stop at local run businesses and restaurants, and meet the people that live there.
  • •   Don’t gamble your stops – Never assume that there is a cheap hotel or campsite nearby. The internet makes it easy to research and compare prices of various lodgings. If you book in advance, make sure you take their contact information along with you in case you need cancel or push your reservation back.

Above and beyond all, make sure your vehicle is well serviced and ready to go. Stop by Middletown Honda for a quick tune-up before you hit the road!