Protecting Your Car During the Winter

January 4th, 2013 by

Washing a carWinter’s already settled in for the Orange County area, as you’re likely aware, so while you should have already winterized your vehicle, there are still more steps to help you take care of it – and yourself – throughout the harsh winter months. If you want to keep your investment looking good and in top condition, read on.

Simple Steps to Keep Corrosion at Bay

One of the worst effects of living in even a moderately cold climate is that rust is almost an inevitability when it comes to automobiles. Folks who live in states like California can leave their cars out all year long without worry, but if you live around here, that kind of behavior can quickly lead to disappointing chunks of rust in and around your car.

The clear solution, if it’s available, is to make sure that your vehicle spends as little time outside as possible; in other words, if you have a garage, use it!

Not everyone has a garage, however, and even those who do can end up with rust if they aren’t careful. Luckily, I’ve got some advice for what else you can do to stave off the rust.

More than anything else, you’ll want to regularly clean your car. I know that this can be tough during the winter, as you’ll want to find a day that’s warm enough to let your car dry off instead of freeze a coating of ice over the whole thing, but its importance can’t be overstated.

By washing away gunk and grime – especially salt – you do quite a bit to ensure your pristine paint job. You need to take special care in areas where any kind of salt and street sludge can build up, like in your wheel wells. Cleaning those areas out periodically helps prevent those nasty pockmarks of rust that tend to show up around the rear wheels of older cars.

Putting a nice coat of wax or a sealant on your car after giving it a good washing can help immeasurably as well, and if you’ve got the time, using detailing putty to pick up any other stray particles stuck in your finish is a trick that auto detail experts use all the time.

Middletown Honda Helps Protect Your Investment

We know just how important cars are to their owners, and that’s why we offer up advice like this to keep your car looking good for years. If you do discover that you’ve got a spot or two of rust forming, visit our dealership and have a chat with a member of our service team to see what can be done. If the rusted parts are small, they can often be easily fixed at home!