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Middletown Honda

Middletown Honda

There are plenty of car dealers in Orange County, NY, but there’s only one Middletown Honda. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a pleasant and informative car shopping experience, and we’re confident that you’ll be impressed when you’ve spent some time at our dealership. We have all the latest vehicles from Honda as well as pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs from a number of manufacturers, and we’ve got it all at reasonable prices. We also pride ourselves not only on providing service and maintenance for all make and model vehicles, but also on offering advice to help you prevent the need for repairs down the road. Middletown Honda is here to help you keep your vehicle in top working order.

A Safety Checklist for Your Vehicle

There are a few simple things you can do to ensure the reliability of your vehicle. Keeping up with the recommended maintenance schedule for your model is important, of course, but some simple regular visual inspections on your part can go a long way toward catching problems before they become too severe. For instance, check for leaks in your vehicle — you can tell by the color of the fluid what the issue is in most cases:

?      Bright green fluid – This is radiator coolant, though it’s sometimes red, purple, or orange. One way to be sure is that antifreeze smells very sweet.
?      Light or dark brown fluid – This is engine oil. It will smell burnt and could be leaking from an improperly sealed filter or valve, or it could be coming from the oil pan.
?      Bright blue fluid – This is windshield washer fluid.
?      Light brown fluid – If this smells like rotten eggs, it is likely gear lube.
?      Red fluid – This could be either transmission fluid (for automatic vehicles) or power steering fluid.
?      Clear fluid – This is likely either water from the air conditioner or power steering fluid.
?      Light yellow fluid – This is brake fluid, which should be changed every year.
?      Amber fluid – This could be evidence of your car leaking gasoline.

Choose Middletown Honda for All Your Maintenance Needs

Suffice to say that any fluid leaks should be taken care of immediately and professionally. When your vehicle needs maintenance, you’ll want to bring it to one of the top car dealers in Orange county, NY, and Middletown Honda fits the bill. Come see us today!

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