Receive a Full Diagnostic Scan for $89 at Middletown Honda

August 21st, 2013 by

Service engine soon light on dashboard“Check Engine” light flare up on your dashboard? While some drivers may ignore it, or even stick electrical tape over it to cover it up, getting it checked out at Middletown Honda could help you to save big money on repairs in the future.

The only way to see what your car is trying to tell you is to get a diagnostic scan. Middletown Honda, located near Mahwah, is giving drivers a chance to save with a diagnostic scan coupon. Until the end of September, drivers can use the coupon to get a scan for only $89.

What your “Check Engine” Light Might is Telling You

That light yellow dashboard light is connected to special sensors in your vehicle’s exhaust system. By analyzing the contents of your exhaust, your vehicle’s computer can make a rough analysis about how your engine is performing. For example, if there is too much gasoline in your exhaust, your engine might be burning too leanly.

Too much gasoline in your exhaust can create a myriad of problems, and it will most likely cause you to fail your vehicle’s next emission test. This also puts extra strain on your vehicle’s catalytic converter, a filtering device that helps to capture more toxic compounds in your exhaust. Too high of a concentration of gasoline means that the converter is working overtime. This creates extra heat, which can lead to a vehicle fire.

What Middletown Honda Can Do

A diagnostic scan allows us to talk with your vehicle’s computer and try to pinpoint where the problem is exactly. It could be something as simple as a loose gas cap, so it’s always good to check this first. Other possible problems include:

  • Problems with the spark plugs
  • A wet engine
  • Poor exhaust ratios
  • O-rings that have either gone bad or are pinched
  • A blown gasket

A scan doesn’t mean that you’re obligated to do a repair. There is no pressure to follow-through. We’ll talk you through what the scan tells us and see where you would like to go from there. Schedule a service appointment, and we’ll take a look.


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