A Friendly Reminder: Recycle Your Motor Oil

February 14th, 2013 by

Oil ChangeWe’re in 2013 now, so I’d like to think that many of you already are aware of the benefits of recycling, but at the same time, there are lots of things that you can (and should!) recycle that many people aren’t aware of.

Many people go through a new cell phone every couple of years, and the same goes for new computers. Adding tablet computers onto the list of devices people own only adds to the risk that the dangerous chemicals from their batteries could end up in your landfill. There are at least a few advertising campaigns to help inform people about how and where they can recycle electronics.

Did you know that you can also recycle your motor oil, though? Back in the ’90s, the idea was foreign enough that government agencies enlisted musicians such as Darren Jessee of Ben Folds Five to help promote oil recycling via public service announcements.

Although the process used to be a bit suspect for drivers demanding the highest quality oil go into their vehicles, these days, the processes used for refining oil from crude are almost identical to those used for recycling oil, meaning that drivers who benefit from the use of recycled oil shouldn’t notice any difference.

Some of the companies recycling oil are actually exceeding industry standards with their recycled oil, making it a pretty sure bet that your used motor oil won’t end up anywhere near a landfill or water supply.

While we at Middletown Honda recycle our oil, if you’re doing your own oil changes, you might not know how to go about getting used oil to a recycling center. Don’t worry, though. Just contact our service center, and we’ll help you out!

To remove the hassle of disposing of your own oil, though, consider letting us change your oil for you. Our technicians are certified in the care and maintenance of Honda vehicles, and our state-of-the-art service center is equipped to handle all manner of autos, no matter who makes it. Schedule your service appointment with us today; you’ll be glad you did.