Reddit User Customizes 2001 Honda Accord

January 30th, 2013 by

Middletown HondaIf you’ve got an older vehicle like I do, you might find yourself wishing that some of the technology features that are available on modern vehicles were on your car. The fact is, though, that many older vehicles just were not designed for after market upgrades and customizations, let alone official ones.

If you’re familiar with the online community of Reddit, you might know that it’s basically a go-to area for information, news, and projects related to practically anything you can think of. Including auto innovations.

Reddit user “hyeinkali” was in a similar predicament to the one I found myself in. He was driving a 2001 Honda Accord and wanted to update it a bit for the 21st century. Rather than opt for an after market stereo with iPod capabilities, he just put an iPod Nano in the dash.

Now, some drivers might find a similar solution but with cords dangling and the iPod sliding all around, but this Honda owner was far more creative. Not only did he remove the front panel on his console to take out the digital clock that was in there, but he carefully altered that panel to comfortably house the 2-inch square of his iPod.

After sanding and smoothing out the edges, it looked like a professional job and he was ready to fit the USB cable for the iPod into the fixture. Now, the next part, where he hooked up the USB cable into both the power and audio of his car requires a bit more knowledge and is clearly something not intended for amateurs, as it deals with the wiring of your vehicle.

Suffice to say, he now had a stylish new clock as well as a few gigs of music in his Accord, and all it took was a bit of know-how and a Dremel tool.

These kinds of personalizations and modifications can often void a vehicle’s warranty, so even if you do know what you’re doing, be aware of that. In the case of a 2001 model like the user’s Accord, the warranty was long gone, making the decision to do interesting things like hardwire an iPod into a Honda a much easier one.

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