What to Bring on Your Next Road Trip

October 4th, 2012 by

Be Prepared to Hit the Road with Tips From Middletown Honda

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Be Ready for Your Next Road Trip!

If you are looking for a new vehicle, why not check out the wide selection now available at our Orange County auto dealership, Middletown Honda! Proudly offering a large inventory of beautiful new Honda vehicles and premium used vehicles, Middletown Honda cordially invites you to stop in today and see just why so many Orange County drivers visit us. With a knowledgeable staff and a friendly finance team, we truly strive to provide you with an excellent car ownership experience.

Dreaming of a road trip with your new car? Well, we are here to assist you with that too! Check out our tips for road trip readiness.

Ten Tips to Road Trip Readiness

There is more to being prepared for a road tip than simply gassing up and taking off. To insure a safe trip, it’s always best to be prepared to travel.

  1. Change your car’s oil and filter, and address any other services your car might be in need of. You can schedule service today at our service center.
  2. Charge your cell phone and bring the charger with you to ensure a full battery while you travel.
  3. Check your tire pressure and have your tires rotated along with an alignment.
  4. Grab your GPS and check for any system updates before you leave.
  5. Load up some drinking water and non-perishable food in case of emergency.
  6. Map out your route, checking for detours you might want to make along your predicted path.
  7. Pack a decent flashlight and extra batteries. Your flashlight app won’t ample enough when you need to change a tire in the dark.
  8. Pick up an actual map, meaning an old-school paper map. As awesome as the GPS is, if you lose signal or it takes you where you don’t want to go, the paper map will be your best friend.
  9. Stock your car with a simple first aid kit designed for minor injuries.
  10. Verify your car insurance coverage and bring your proof insurance with you.

Visit Middletown Honda Today

A road trip is even more exciting when taken in your new or new-to-you ride! For more tips on road trip readiness, or to find a new ride to travel in, stop in today at Orange County’s Honda dealership, Middletown Honda. Visit our website for hours and directions; we look forward to serving you.