Coupe vs. Sedan: What’s the Difference?

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Honda Civic Sedan, Coupe, and Hatchback

If you’re searching for a new vehicle, Honda offers a wide variety of coupe and sedan options on the Honda Accord and Honda Civic. However, you might be wondering about the difference between a coupe and sedan. What is a coupe? What does sedan mean? Middletown Honda is here to answer your questions! Choosing between the Civic vs. Accord can be difficult enough, and deciding between the coupe or sedan styling options adds another layer. So what really is the difference between a sedan and a coupe? Let’s look at the two different options and explore various coupe and sedan features!

Coupe vs. Sedan: 4-door vs. 2-door

If you want to know the difference between a coupe and sedan vehicle, we have you covered. A sedan traditionally refers to a vehicle that has four doors, while a coupe refers to a vehicle with two-doors. What is a coupe car? Sometimes pronounced coupé, the word coupe is derived from the French word for “cut.” Coupes were vehicles where the rear seats were cut out, creating a roomier front area and a sportier looking vehicle overall.

Both the sedan and the coupe models of the Accord and the Civic come with two rows of seating, with a maximum seating capacity for five passengers. On sedan models, though, passengers in the second row will have more legroom. This makes a Honda sedan a better choice for those that often drive with many passengers.

On the other hand, Honda coupes add sporty flair that is missing from the four-door models. Nothing beats the relaxed feeling of sitting back in a coupe and hitting the highway. Besides passenger space, both stylings come with the same set of standard features, including Honda’s i-MID system. This includes handsfree calling, music streaming, steering wheel mounted audio controls, and more. Choosing between a coupe vs. sedan will depend on your personal vehicle style and preferences.
Red Honda Accord Sedan

Should I Choose a Sedan or a Coupe?

Now that you’ve explore the coupe vs. sedan and how they’re different, it’s timet to take your pick! Depending on your style and preferences, a sedan or a coupe may work better for you. If you want stylish features like a sleek, sloping roof, you may want the sedan. It’s important to know that coupes offer less overall cargo space and passenger space, though. If you prize performance and style, a coupe is likely for you. Because the coupe is a two-door car, it’s lighter and shorter. This allows for a shorter wheelbase and lighter curb weight, which translates to enhanced acceleration and braking performance in addition to more room for exterior styling elements.
Sedans, on the other hand, offer more cargo space and passenger space as well as a more defined fixed roof. If you’re searching for a family-friendly small car, a sedan is likely the choice for you! It’s important to consider 2 doors vs. 4 doors when finding a car for the whole family — it can be tough to load everyone in with a 2-door car! Sedans are great everyday cars, and easily offer enough interior space for family trips or road trips thanks to more room in the backseat.
Blue Honda Civic Coupe

Test Drive a Honda Coupe or Sedan at Middletown Honda!

Whether you choose a sedan or coupe, Middletown Honda has plenty of great options to meet your needs. Feel free to visit us at our dealership in Middletown, located conveniently near Monroe and Warwick. We’re located at 520 Route 211, right next to the Gander Mountain. We want to walk you through the differences between a coupe and a sedan! If you’re looking for something with a little more passenger room, we’d be happy to show you the other options available from Honda, like the CR-V crossover or the Pilot SUV. Helping drivers to find cars that are just right for their needs is what we do best at Middletown Honda. We look forward to helping you compare Honda coupes and sedan as well as SUVs.

Get Hassle-Free Pricing on Your New Coupe or Sedan

At Middletown Honda near Goshen, we offer guests a non-traditional vehicle buying experience. Buying a new sedan or coupe is exciting, so we don’t want you to go through a stressful, tedious purchasing process. Our finance team will remove the anxiety and uncertainty of buying a new car thanks to Middletown Honda Hassle-Free pricing! We do Honda finance research for you, so we can monitor and shop the most competitive prices in the market and clearly display it on each and every vehicle. Whether choose an Accord or a Civic in coupe or sedan form, we’ll help you drive home at a price you can feel good about! Get in touch to learn more about sedan vs. coupe performance, interior space, fuel efficiency, and more.

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