How to Charge a Hybrid Car

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Hybrids are some of the most popular vehicles on the streets of Monroe and continue to become more popular and accessible to more drivers. Many drivers have been trading in their conventional gas-powered vehicles, and have been making the switch to hybrids to save on their daily commute. However, it’s important to know how to charge a hybrid car. Learn more with the experts at Middletown Honda today! For more information, feel free to contact us anytime!

How to Charge Hybrid Car: Hybrid vs. Plug-in Hybrid vs. Electric

If you own a hybrid vehicle around Warwick, it’s important to know how to charge a hybrid car. However, this varies based on whether you have a traditional hybrid, a plug-in electric vehicle (PHEV), or a completely electric vehicle (EV). It’s important to know the difference between these to help you find out which charging method is best for you:

  • Standard Hybrids: A traditional hybrid uses both an electric and gas motor. A traditional hybrid battery is charged by the gas engine while you drive around Middletown! 
  • Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles: PHEV vehicles have become extremely popular around Middletown in recent years. It includes both the electric and gas motor like a traditional hybrid, however, PHEVs rely much more on the electric motor. PHEV can go much further on electric power and has an electric range. This means that the PHEV must be plugged into either a 120-volt outlet or a fast-charging station.
  • Electric Vehicle: EVs are not exactly hybrids, as they don’t have a gas engine and are completely reliant on their electric motors. These must also be plugged in to charge the battery. EVs technically stand on their own in a separate segment than hybrids and PHEVs. 

Three Ways of Charging a Hybrid Car Battery

The PHEV segment is popular with Middletown drivers, as it allows them to take advantage of the electric power, while also having a gas motor if needed. So, let’s learn how to charge a hybrid car below:

  • Portable charging: Each PHEV comes with a portable charging cord that is compatible with 120-volt house outlets. This is the slowest way of charging a hybrid car, however, it’s great for emergencies. 
  • Home fast charging: You can install a 240-volt charging port at your home for fast charging anytime. Although this could come at a cost, you have the advantage of lightning-fast charging right at home!
  • Public charging: The availability of public charging has become more common about Middletown, and more continue to be added as PHEVs and EVs become more accessible. 

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Now that you know how to charge an electric car battery, come see our impressive line of hybrid vehicles available at Middletown Honda. Shop our new vehicle inventory, and meet with our finance center to start the buying process! Be sure to check out our new vehicle specials to save near Goshen!

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