Difference Between Synthetic and Regular Oil

April 17th, 2012 by
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Middletown, New York drivers know the importance of servicing their vehicles regularly to avoid problems or loss of value down the road, but many people don’t understand the difference between regular and synthetic motor oil when it comes to getting their car’s oil changed. There are many things that can affect the life of your car, and the oil that keeps your engine running smoothly plays a big part.

Not only does the oil in your engine keep it lubricated to reduce wear, but it also cools off the engine and filters out impurities. Considering that the engine is the heart of your Honda, it’s no wonder Middletown drivers are invested in the type of oil they use, whether regular or synthetic, and at Middletown Honda we can help you choose which type is best for your vehicle.

  • Regular motor oil is highly refined crude oil, made from minerals and taken from the ground. Regular oils have lower viscosity levels than synthetic oils, which are distilled in chemical plants to enhance their viscosity and refine them beyond the capabilities of natural, regular oil.
  • This enhancement process makes it possible for synthetic oils to flow faster, withstand higher engine temperatures, and boost horsepower. Using synthetic oil regularly can also prolong the life of your engine by more effectively reducing friction – some drivers find they can go up to 10,000 miles before needing an oil change.
  • That said, synthetic oils can be significantly more expensive than regular oils, so they may not be right for everyone. It’s not a bad idea to take into account the type of car you drive, how many miles are on it, and your usual driving habits when deciding whether to use regular or synthetic motor oil during your next scheduled maintenance.


Different Types of Regular and Synthetic Oils

Honda drivers in New York have a number of different choices when it comes to their engine oil – and it’s much more complex than just regular or synthetic. There are fully synthetic oils, semi-synthetic or mixed oils, and fully regular oils. In addition to the three basic types of oils, there are many additives that may or may not be present in the oil to increase its anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-oxidation, and anti-friction efficiency.

Typically, experts advise that Honda owners should use regular oil in the very first few months of their car’s life in order to break in the engine and smooth down its parts. After a period of time, however, it’s recommended that drivers switch to synthetic to prolong the life of the engine. Visit us at Middletown Honda today to learn more about which type of oil is right for you. Our knowledgeable service team will help keep your Honda working great throughout the Orange County area for years to come.

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