The Drive-In Movie Theater

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Drive-in movie theater popcorn

Going to the drive-in theater caused more excitement in my house than going to the zoo, the amusement park, and the state-fair combined. Not only did it mean we got to stay up late, but we got to eat junk food and other treats in the car. My mom always seemed to get the more “expensive” snacks that we weren’t usually treated to such as Milano cookies and those long, hallow wafers with the chocolate in the middle.

We would lie in the back of our minivan with the hatch open, wrapped up in a blanket, and stare up at the screen. We needed to sit cross-legged in the trunk, but modern vehicles like the 2013 Honda Odyssey let you fold the seat flat in the floor, letting you lay down for maximum viewing enjoyment.

Why did we enjoy the drive-in so much? After all, it was only an open-air movie theater. There was something about sitting either in or on the car, in a sea of other parked cars full of people watching a giant glowing screen in the dark that had an ethereal quality to it. Here we were, lit up by the bright grey glow of the movie screen, sitting in our bubble of light, surrounded by darkness. To a seven-year old, seeing Santa Claus himself couldn’t have been more magical.

Unfortunately, many kids probably won’t be able to enjoy movies the way I did. The number of drive-in theaters is drying up. Why has their popularity gone down? A drive-in is really only viable during summer months, and only when it’s comfortable at night. Hot nights force viewers into movie theaters with sub-zero air conditioning, making numbers sometimes unpredictable.

Drive-Ins Around Middletown Honda

When you can find a drive-in theater, though, it becomes a truly special treat. Though it’s fun to see modern, CGI laden blockbusters on a drive-in screen, there’s something about watching the original Godzilla in glorious black-white while lying in the back of your car. There are several drive-in theaters that are just a short drive from Middletown Honda. These include:

  • Warwick Drive-In Theater
  • Overlook Drive-In Theater, in Poughkeepsie
  • Hyde Park Drive-In Theater


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