Torque vs. Horsepower – What’s the Difference?

June 18th, 2021 by

Honda Civic Type R rear view

Torque and horsepower are very similar measurements but with one key difference – the time factor. Torque primarily measures force output, for example the amount of force required to push a given vehicle forward. This measurement is helpful for comparing vehicles’ raw power. However, an arguably more practical variable to note is horsepower. Horsepower combines force production and speed to give you a more accurate reading of a vehicle’s performance capabilities. One unit of horsepower is equivalent to 550 pounds carried 1 foot in 1 second. If you use that equation to test out the performance of our 2021 Honda Civic Type R with 306 HP, you get a whopping 168,300 pounds carried 1 foot in 1 second! Very impressive.

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