What is the Honda i-MID?

February 20th, 2013 by

Honda's infotainment system featured in 2013 Accord and CivicHonda has recently been one-upping the competition by including loads of great technology features as standard equipment on their vehicles, so drivers of 2013 models like the Accord LX will benefit from the automaker’s unique i-MID technology, among other things. But what exactly does Honda’s user interface do?

A Breakdown of a Revolutionary New Technology

Let’s start by dissecting the name: i-MID. It stands for intelligent Multi-Information Display, and it lets you personalize your driving experience.

To start with, do you remember the first time you personalized your own computer with a wallpaper? Your new Honda can make an image of you, your pet, or practically anything you want the background for your i-MID display.

It does more than let you give a personal flare to your vehicle, however. The i-MID also contains much of your driving related information, from turn-by-turn directions if you have a navigation system to your current fuel economy estimates to the song being played over your stereo.

For safer, handsfreee phone calls, the i-MID also serves as your Bluetooth integration system, fusing your phone with your driving experience. Not only can calling be safer, but the temptation to text will be taken care of thanks to built-in SMS messaging functionality. No more trying to text and drive; the i-MID has you covered. As an added bonus, thanks to Bluetooth audio, you can stream music directly from compatible phones as well.

In addition to the i-MID system, new entry-level Honda vehicles contain a rearview camera, which is viewed through the same interface thanks to a crystal clear thin film transistor LCD display. It’s the same technology that lets you get HD resolutions on your smartphones.

Can you believe that Honda’s including this as a standard features on their new vehicles? We were delighted when we found out too!

Discover a 2013 Honda at Middletown Honda

You can get access to the i-MID and many other new technology features on new 2013 Honda models here at Middletown Honda. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a test drive, contact our sales team. We can’t wait to see you behind the wheel of a new Honda.