When Should You Check Your Tire Pressure?

June 11th, 2021 by

mechanic doing a tire rotation

Did you know improperly inflated tires can make them wear faster as well as lower gas mileage and handling? Those are just a few reasons it’s important to keep your tire pressure in check. Here’s how to regulate your tire pressure to keep your Honda running smoothly:

  • Locate the your vehicle’s tire pressure information, this is typically found inside the driver side door or in the manual.
  • Make sure tires are cold to ensure an accurate test.
  • Use a tire pressure gauge to compare the recommended pressure level with your tire’s actual pressure level.
  • If the pressure is too low, use a tire air hose to add more pressure until it reaches the recommended level.
  • If the pressure is too high, use the tire pressure gauge to release air from the tires until it reaches the recommended level.

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