Middletown Honda Will Have the 2013 Honda Fit EV Soon!

June 10th, 2012 by
2013 Honda Fit EV

2013 Honda Fit EV

Here at Middletown Honda in NY, we endeavor to be your #1 source for information on new and upcoming Honda vehicles. Not only is our location convenient, but we’ve got the skills, knowledge, and outstanding reputation to entice you to visit us over any other dealers in the area. Another great thing about our dealership is that we’re passionate about informing our customers about the latest developments regarding upcoming Honda vehicles. Right now we’re excited about the upcoming all-electric Honda Fit EV, and our sales associates will be happy to talk to drivers about all that they can look forward to when it hits our showroom floor.

Next Year’s Honda Fit EV Boasts Innovative Technology and a Stylish Design

The 2013 Honda Fit EV is an exciting new electric hatchback that completely divorces itself from gasoline power, which means it’s great for the environment as well as your fuel budget. Since its electric aspect is one of its key features, let’s start with that. Under the hood, you’ll find an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack. The motor will put out 134 hp and accelerates surprisingly quickly from a dead stop. The trusty small hatchback will charge in less than 12 hours on a standard 120-volt household outlet, and it can be charged in as little as 3 hours when using a 240-volt outlet.


Stepping inside the vehicle, and you’ll notice that the aesthetic is stylish and futuristic, keeping in line with the Fit EV’s forward-thinking engineering. One of the first things you’ll probably notice is the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System with a voice recognition system and a rearview camera. Other innovative interior gadgetry includes automatic climate control as well as a state-of-the-art three-mode drive system. This system essentially puts you in control of how the vehicle ought to perform. Do you want it in sport mode for quicker acceleration? ‘Econ’ mode for more efficiency? A combination of both? With the Honda Fit EV, the choice is up to you.

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So what are you waiting for? Choose the Middletown, NY Honda dealership drivers trust for the latest updates on the upcoming Honda Fit EV. We want to help you find the perfect car for your needs, so visit us at Middletown Honda today!