Car Fundraising Tips

December 24th, 2012 by

Use a Car to Raise Money!

Fundraisers are excellent ways to raise money for important causes, but not many people think to consider the different ways that cars can be used in fundraisers. Cars are a huge part of many people’s lives, and using them as the focus of a fundraiser can bring you more money than you expected.

Smash a Clunker

This fundraiser is something that should be carefully prepared for before beginning. Carefully remove the gas tank, the battery, the air conditioning system, and anything else that could leak or cause a problem. Park a clunker on a tarp and let people donate to smash the car with a large sledgehammer. The amount of times they can hit it should vary depending on how much money they donate. Make sure everybody has pads on their body and eye protection to keep themselves from getting hurt. Also, check with your local police and business bureau to make sure what you’re doing is legal in your area.

Clown Car Cramming

Another fundraising idea is the old “clown car” gag. This is another one where you should have people sign legal waivers and have a paramedic on site at all times. Basically, people pay money to try to fit inside of a car with a large number of other people. The more people that pay, the more money that is raised. Once the car is full, empty it and have more people try. Make sure to do this slowly and carefully so that people aren’t being crushed under each other or can’t exit the vehicle safely.


The most obvious way to raise money is with a car wash. These are beneficial in that they require no legal waivers and are generally not harmful in anyway, unless someone tries to hose down an interior. The old cliché’ is to have attractive women, or men, or both, depending on your desired demographic, wear swimming suits as they wash cars. While this tactic has probably raised a lot of money over the years, you can get a little more creative with it and make the attraction something else entirely. For instance, a local gymnastics team once set up a giant mat at their carwash and performed impressive routines to blaring music. Whatever the attraction is, people will always have to get their cars washed, so customers are aplenty.

Car Donations

Another great fundraiser is to actually get people to donate cars. It may seem unlikely that people would donate cars, but those who do get money back in their taxes due to it being a donation. The donated cars can then be sold at a raffle or auction to help raise a lot of money. This is a fundraiser that is simple to hold and can really get you a lot of money if you do it properly and legally. Make sure all paperwork is in order before buying or selling a car.

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