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Middletown Honda Offers Quality Auto Financing

Drivers looking for auto financing near Montgomery, NY look to Middletown Honda for a knowledgeable staff and competition rates. Located just 9 miles away from Montgomery, Middletown Honda is equipped with an on-site finance center to help you into your next new or pre-owned vehicle. See our inventory in just 15 minutes by following these directions:

  • Head southwest on NY-211 W/Union St
  • Our store is on the left at 520 New York 211, Middletown, NY

Simplify the Financing Process

The financing process can be difficult to navigate. Cut through the paperwork and confusing forms with the help of our experienced staff. Buying or leasing, we will help you decide what the best option is for your budget to get you in your next vehicle.


Many Montgomery drivers who want to protect their investment and keep their vehicle for as long as they want choose buying. Equity can be built into the car after the auto loan is paid off and after the auto loan is paid off, the payment no longer needs to be figured into your monthly budget. By buying your car and paying off the loan, you can save a significant amount of money over a person who is leasing a car every few years. The biggest benefit to buying your vehicle is that there are no mileage restrictions and you can make updates or modifications to your car as you see fit.

Buying your car does have some drawbacks. The resale value of your car is not fixed. Wear and tear on your vehicle can decrease its value. Additionally, buying your car generally requires a higher down payment than leasing, which may be outside your budget. Another potential drawback to buying your car is that the life of the loan may be extended to fit your monthly budget. This can result in making payments for up to seven years which will result in more interest being paid thus costing you more.


Some drivers will find that leasing is the best option. The lease is based on a percentage of the value of the car at the end of the lease, while buying is based on the total value, which may result in getting more car for less money. The down payment can also be significantly lower versus that of the down payment when buying a car. If you need a car for the short-term or want an updated vehicle in a few years, then leasing may be the best option.

Leasing a car does carry restrictions on mileage and potential penalties for going over those. Leasing a car is very similar to renting as you will not be able to make updates or modifications to it as you do not fully own it. In addition, leasing also requires good credit which can preclude drivers from considering it as an option.

See How Middletown Honda Can Help You with Auto Financing

Visit us at 520 Rte 211 E in Middletown, NY and let us help you get the new vehicle you want. Call 855-473-3053 or contact us online to start your search for a new car.