Leaked Photos Spoiled the Civic Tourer Concept

March 12th, 2013 by

Middletown Honda Dealership For auto enthusiasts, there are few things greater at spoiling the secrets of manufacturers than the internet. Someone is careless with some images, CC’s the wrong person on an email, or just accidentally publishes something to their website a bit too early and we get a glimpse of the future ahead of schedule.

That’s what happened with Honda’s new wagon concept, slated to be the Civic Tourer. This is actually a pretty big deal, too, considering that it’s been a couple Civic generations since we’ve seen a hatchback version, with the wagon not being around stateside for decades.

Although this is just a concept car and there is no guarantee it will ever hit the streets, there are already rumors of a fall European release. You see, vehicles like the Tourer, built for versatility and economy, are mysteriously more popular in Europe while we have mostly replaced wagons with crossovers here in the states.

All that said, there’s something incredibly appealing about the new Civic design getting a stretched out, refinished version that comfortably accommodates a mid-size family. Features that we could discern from the leaked images include a front-end similar to the current Civic, with everything changing once you move a bit further back.

A hidden D-pillar design gives the wagon an almost futuristic look that is only further accented by its LED lighting – in the form of head and tail lights as well as accent lighting – and adding in the vehicle’s sharp rear roof spoiler makes this clearly a car of the future.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to see it be an American car of the future too. This stylish, sleek, presumably easily affordable wagon could fill in the widening gap between mid-sized sedans and crossovers.

Although the Tourer was officially released at the Geneva Motor Show, there’s till a fair bit of speculation about just what exactly drivers can expect from it. Rest assured that we’ll let you know as soon as we know anything, including if and when it’s available here at Middletown Honda.

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