Fun Road Trip Activities to Do as a Family

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Family Road TripGrowing up, one of my favorite parts about a road trip was the games we played as a family. There were also the bizarre antics that only a long car ride could bring out in my siblings and me. Being in a car for a long time was somewhat of an anomaly in our day to day lives. Crowded together in a tight space with ever-changing scenery, only to be whisked away to a strange remote location, was relatively unique. All in all, it was a time of bonding, learning to cooperate, and having fun.

Classic Road Trip Activities

Here are some of our classic road-trip activities:

  • Play word games: There are a wide range of games everyone riding in the vehicle can play, even the driver. “Twenty Questions” is a great one to try, as is “I-Spy.” Another favorite of mine is “I packed my bag for China,” a great alphabet based memory game. The first player starts by saying “I packed my bag for China,” then names something that begins with an ‘A.’ The next person repeats what has already been said, adding an item that beings with ‘B.’ The game continues like this until ‘Z’ is reached.
  • Bring activity books: activity books are cheap to buy and absolutely engaging for the bored child. Having a few on hand will help to keep the whole car occupied. Pencils and crayons make much better drawing tools than markers, which are not fun to clean off of car seats.
  • Give your children maps: children will be surprisingly happy to help you navigate on the trip. Have them point out upcoming towns, roads, and other attractions. This peer-style interaction is a great door to conversation.
  • Round-robin reading: have those who are not driving pass around a book to read out loud. Make sure to pick a book that everyone who would like to read is able to. Encourage kids to be creative, using dramatic tones and funny voices. This is always a good time.

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