Get Ready for Spring Car Cleaning

March 23rd, 2013 by

Car WashThe closer spring gets, the farther away it seems it seems to run. We’ve been teased by warmer temperatures only to be pummeled days later by tough snow storms. Chances are that there are more on the way, too. It wouldn’t be surprising if someone decided to head south and give that groundhog a piece of their mind.

While we can grumble about the weather now, one thing is for sure; spring will come eventually. When winter begins to bid farewell and we exchange our parkas for lighter jackets, consider the care your car might need after a long, hard winter. Here are a few maintenance tips to think about as spring approaches.

  • •   Get the Oil changed. Your oil not only works to lubricate your engine’s moving parts, but to sap up corrosive gunk as well. Just by looking at your car, the winter road kicks up a lot of dirt and grime, including salt, one of your car’s worst enemies. Much of this finds its way in to your engine. Your motor oil works overtime in the winter to keep things clean, and getting it changed at the end of the winter season might be a good idea, even if you’re not due for it.
  • •  Check your windshield wipers. The cold of winter can crack the rubber material on your windshield wipers, rending them less effective. When those northeast spring showers set in, you may find that your wipers are doing a poor job of clearing your windshield. Consider getting them replaced.
  • •  Give your car a wash. While regular car washes are strongly recommended during winter, getting the remaining bit of grim off at the end of winter is essential. Salt and other particles will make quick work of your paint if left alone. Be sure to follow up the wash with a good wax to protect your paint coat.

Take care of other maintenance, too. Check your manual’s service schedule to see what else your car is due for. Don’t wait to get things like your brakes or timing belts replaced, especially if you’re overdue.