Honda Cancels the Civic Hybrid: Breaking News for Goshen and Monroe Drivers

July 31st, 2015 by

2015 Civic HybridIf you’re a driver in the Goshen or Monroe, NY areas who was planning to look into the Honda Civic Hybrid – we have good and bad news for you – the 2016 Civic Hybrid is canceled, but the 2015 Honda Civic Hybrid edition is still alive and well. Rumors of the 2015 Civic Hybrid’s demise have been greatly exaggerated, and it’s still available today for test-drives at Middletown Honda. Let’s take a look at the news of the new Civic Hybrid’s cancellation, get some sneak peeks at what’s in store for the rest of Honda’s fleet, and give you an opportunity to test-drive your very own 2015 Civic Hybrid today at Middletown Honda.

Why Did Honda Cancel the Civic Hybrid?

Honda is changing its strategy with regards to the Civic brand. The Hybrid and Natural Gas models are being killed off in favor of the more aggressive Civics from previous iterations, including Si and R types. They’re definitely going to be more powerful and balanced than the existing models on the road today.

Other Honda Fleet News

We’ve also heard whispers about Honda’s plans for other vehicles in the fleet. In particular, we were able to uncover the following information:

  • An updated Accord Hybrid will be rolling down the production line.
  • Honda is expanding its fuel cell business strategy.
  • Plenty of new changes are planned for the Ridgeline and other vehicles in the fleet.

Test-Drive the 2015 Civic Hybrid Today at Middletown Honda!

Fortunately, the 2015 Honda Civic Hybrid is available now at Middletown Honda, and we’d love to give our Goshen and Monroe customers the opportunity to take it for a test-drive or two around the area. The 2015 Civic Hybrid is one of the most advanced hybrids on the road today, and it truly encompasses Honda’s dedication to efficiency and affordability in one balanced package.

Come see us today at Middletown Honda to get started with your very own test drive! We hope to see our Goshen and Monroe customers soon!

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