Honda Caters to Pet Owners

December 10th, 2012 by

Middletown HondaAt Middletown Honda we know that New York drivers who own pets love a car that can accommodate their fury friends. While the Element is no longer in production, it still has a great reputation among dog owners and we have one in our used car inventory in Middletown right now. Back in 2007, the Honda Element won’s “Dog Car of the Year Award” because of its generous cargo area, low cargo floor, and wide door openings. In 2009 Honda decided to go the extra mile and provide pet owners with a special option of their own.

The Honda Element Dog Edition

The cargo area is the safest place for pets to ride — putting them there prevents enthusiastic dogs from interfering with passengers or distracting the driver. The Element packed a cavernous 76 cubic feet of room in the back for even the biggest puppies. Honda decided to respond to the recognition of a pet-friendly vehicle by providing pet owners with even more options to accommodate their canine and feline companions. Here are a few of the great pet-friendly features Honda debuted at the 2009 New York Auto Show and are now available to the public.

  • •   For elderly pets that don’t jump particularly well anymore, the low cargo floor is augmented by an extended load-in ramp for easy access.
  • •   A rear ventilation fan was included to keep pets cool on hot days.
  • •   The second row seat covers keep upholstery fresh, and are decorated in dog pattern.
  • •   All-season rubber floor mats are easily washable and get a toy bone pattern.
  • •   The exterior is marked with a pet-friendly paw.
  • •   A spill-resistant dish is mounted in the cargo area for those long trips.
  • •   The cargo area comes with a pet bed that covers the whole rear cargo area.
  • •   Finally, there is a second row pet-restraint system for small dogs or cats. This system is made up of a small net crate that can be strapped directly into the seat.

Visit Middletown Honda For Pet Friendly Vehicles

We know how important your pets are here at Family Honda, and how difficult it is for both you and your pet to ride in a less than ideal car. While the Element is no longer available new, look for a used one at Middletown Honda, or try the Honda CR-V or Pilot, which are also great pet friendly vehicles. Contact your local Middletown Honda dealership today to find your next pet friendly vehicle today!