Keep Your Honda Ridgeline in Top Condition With Middletown Honda

September 26th, 2012 by

Middletown Honda Wants to Extend the Life of Your Ridgeline Pickup Truck

2012 Honda Ridgeline

2012 Honda Ridgeline

Drivers in possession of the 2012 Honda Ridgeline truck know just how spectacular of a vehicle it is, which explains why we have such a hard time keeping it on the lot here at Middletown Honda. From its 3.5L V6 engine, 4-wheel independent suspension, and rugged pickup qualities, to its comfortable interior and versatile capability, the Ridgeline is a tremendous value with its base MSRP of $29,350. After you’ve made an investment in such an amazing automobile, though, you’ll want to take care of it, and we want to help you.

Keys to a Long-Lasting Vehicle

While there’s not some secret ritual to keeping your vehicle running forever, there are some things that you can do to prolong the longevity of your 2012 Honda Ridgeline. In addition to scheduling regular maintenance for your vehicle, our Service Department has some advice for ensuring your vehicle’s longevity:

  • Check engine fluids. There are quite a few different fluids flowing under the hood of your Ridgeline, and they all have very important jobs. From motor oil and engine coolant to windshield wiper solvent, you’re going to want them all topped off to appropriate levels. If you don’t know how to check these, bring it by our shop and we’ll help.
  • Check belts and hoses. Right in line with engine fluids being present and accounted for, you’ll want to be sure that your hoses and belts are in good shape. The last thing you’ll want is a belt that’s cracking or a hose that’s leaking, because they’re just a step away from breaking.
  • Schedule a tune-up. Like going to your doctor for an annual checkup, a tune-up makes sure that your engine’s working the way it’s supposed to. A tune-up keeps your fuel economy and emissions in check, and we recommend one every year.
  • Check your tires. Look for even tread wear; if you don’t get your tires rotated regularly, your tire treads won’t wear evenly. This can greatly reduce the life of your tire and even lead to a blowout, which can be a terrifying thing to experience. Remember to check your tire pressure, too, especially when it gets cold outside!

These are just a few of our suggestions for what you can do to keep your Ridgeline in tip top condition, and they’re great bits of advice no matter what vehicle you’re driving.

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At Middletown Honda, we have a Service Department that’s staffed by experienced technicians who can take care of your 2012 Honda Ridgeline, whether you need routine maintenance or major repairs. Take a look at our Facebook page, then visit our dealership to see what we can do for you.