How to Get the Most Out of Your Test Drive

April 24th, 2013 by

A Happy Middletown Honda CustomerSo you’ve been looking at that new car for a while now. Man, does it look nice. You’re afraid to get too attached before the test drive, though. When you get in the car, its tough not be to be taken aback by the new style and that wonderful, new car smell. Even as you drive, you’re willing to forgive some under steering and rough handling because you’re just in love. A few weeks later, though, that thrill begins to fade and you’re stuck with a vehicle you don’t enjoy driving.

Tips for Taking a Test Drive

Separating yourself from your idea of what a car is to what it actually is can be tough. It’s essential to picking a vehicle that’s right for you, though. With a few tips, you can be as shrewd of a test driver as the blokes on Top Gear:

  • Before you go to the dealership: do some research about the vehicle. There will always be someone who has driven the model before you, and chances are that they will have an opinion about how it handles and performs. This can help to prevent the heartbreak that comes from seeing a vehicle you like and then realizing it doesn’t meet driving expectations.
  • Take in the atmosphere: your senses are some of your best allies when it comes to getting an idea of what a car is like, especially if it’s a used model. How does the car feel when you drive it? Does it shudder? Does the steering wheel vibrate? Do you hear any strange noises? How does the interior look? Do you smell anything strange? Be aware that anything that annoys you now will definitely become unbearable in the future.
  • Comfort level: you’re the pilot of this craft, so you need to make sure that you feel comfortable. Does the set up of the driver area feel awkward to you? Is everything essential within easy reach? How is your visibility ahead, behind, and around you?
  • Rate the performance: Last but not least, how does the vehicle feel when you’re driving it? Important points include how the vehicle accelerates, how it brakes, and how it handles. Does it feel sluggish when you hit the pedal? How is the turn radius? Is the steering responsive? How does it feel when you’re parking it? Be sure to match your responses next to the research you’ve done.

Take a Test Drive at Middletown Honda

At Middletown Honda, we value no pressure service and recognize that you’re not sold on every vehicle you look at. If you would like to take one of our cars for a test drive, contact our dealership. We’ll be happy to schedule a test drive for you.