Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

March 4th, 2013 by

Washing a carWhile most of us would rather not admit it, our cars turn into somewhat of a satellite home. In it there sometimes seems to be a whole pantry of food in the front seat, and the trunk has turned into permanent storage space. Cleaning your car can be a difficult thing to motivate yourself to do, especially when you’ve just got back from work or a long trip.

There are a few easy things you can do to keep your car clean and not be ashamed when you bring it to the mechanic. All it takes is a little persistence. 

  • •   Be discerning about the food you let into your car. A lot of the mess that accumulates in people’s vehicles is related to eating food. Spilling is a major culprit. Because children are often to blame for this, don’t give them sticky sodas or things that may stain. If possible, avoid giving children food in the car in general.
  • •  Keep a small garbage bag on hand.  On longer road trips, when empty bags of chips and spare napkins begin to pile up, consider putting up a small garbage bag. My family always used a plastic bag that simply hung from the back of the front passengers seat.
  • •  Get floor mats. When it comes to protecting your carpet and taking the full brunt of whatever you drag in from outside, floor mats are indispensable. If you don’t have them, put it on your priority list. If you find you’re too rough on carpet covered mats, consider tougher, all-weather mats.
  • •  Take one thing out at a time. If you’re busy and find that your vehicle has become hopelessly cluttered, bring one or two items in with you at a time. This will draw out clean up, but is an easy way to clear your car of clutter.

Organize your trunk. You want to be able to find what’s in your trunk quickly. Buy plastic bins to store different items, such as an emergency road kit and jumper cables, or blankets. Not only will this keep things organized, but it will also allow you to quickly clear your trunk if need be.