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Middletown Honda Service

Middletown Honda Service

One of the most important systems in your vehicle is the fuel delivery system. The two parts that make up this system are the fuel pump and the fuel injection system, and here at Middletown Honda we will be happy to inspect these components to ensure that they are running in top condition. We hope to be your chosen Middletown, NY Honda dealer for all your service and maintenance needs, and we want our customers to be knowledgeable about the important parts of their vehicles.

What Do the Fuel Pump and Fuel Injectors Do?

The fuel pump and fuel injectors are very different pieces of equipment that perform very different tasks. The fuel pump is responsible for pumping the fuel from your gas tank to the engine and also keeping it at the correct pressure. The fuel injection system is responsible for getting this fuel into the combustion chamber and delivering the correct amount of fuel for each crank cycle. If you notice that your car is not running as smoothly as it should, there might be a problem with your fuel system.

We Can Quickly Diagnose and Fix Any Fuel Delivery System Issues

To the untrained eye, diagnosing a fuel pump or injector issue can be difficult. Come to our Middletown Honda service center to have your vehicle inspected by our highly trained and skilled technicians. They will be able to tell exactly what the problem is and how to fix it. Fuel system parts do wear down quickly because they are always in use. The fuel pump relies on fuel passing through it for its cooling and lubrication, so if you run your car down to empty, you can put a lot of undue stress on the fuel pump.

Visit Middletown Honda and Let Our Professional Techs Take Care of Your Vehicle

Even a slight change in fuel pump pressure can result in a drastic change in engine performance. If your car is a 1996 model or newer, your engine light may come on if your vehicle computer detects a problem. You can also detect a problem in the fuel pump by listening to see if you can hear it working. If there is no noise, you might want to check the fuse for the fuel pump. If the fuse is fine, the pump is probably broken. If you would like to talk to a technician about this issue, please contact Middletown Honda to have your questions answered today.

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