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If you’re searching for a reputable auto mechanic, look no further than Middletown Honda’s service department! While we’re known for providing some of the best Honda vehicles in New York, as a full-service dealership we also staff a team of factory-trained, certified Honda service technicians that are ready to handle any and all of your service needs. Whether you’re looking for a quick oil change, collision repair, genuine Honda parts, or a simple tune-up, we’ll get your vehicle restored to showroom-ready condition so you can get back on the road fast.

Know When it’s Time to Replace Your Clutch

At Middletown Honda, we find that most car owners have good intentions when it comes to vehicle maintenance — the real problem comes in knowing when and what to repair. Scheduling routine auto inspections ensures that any problems will be caught at least every 30K miles, but it’s also important to know the warning signs for potential big problems: like when to replace your vehicle’s clutch. Though many drivers may not know what it is, the clutch plays an enormous role in the engine mechanism, working to transfer gear plates so your transmission can shift. Like any mechanical component, the clutch will eventually wear and need to be replaced, so pay attention to these indicators that it’s time for a new one:

  • The Clutch is Slipping – When a clutch is slipping it means the component can no longer keep up with the engine, meaning parts can scrape and cause serious damage to your car. If you hear rattling or scraping before your car stalls, your clutch is worn and ready to be replaced.
  • Check the RPMs – If while on the freeway your car’s RPMs jump and you don’t notice a change in speed, it probably means the clutch is having difficulty engaging and should be inspected.
  • Listen for Strange Sounds – If when changing gears or depressing the clutch you start to hear weird noises like grinding, that’s definitely a sign that your clutch should be checked out.
  • Feel for Differences in Handling – Gear changing should always be smooth, and the clutch should always press easily but with weight. If the clutch feels light when you press it, or it feels abnormally difficult to change gears, that most likely indicates a problem with the clutch.

Schedule an Appointment With Middletown Honda’s Service Department

While it’s always good to be aware of any potential problems with your car — especially your clutch — and we always encourage informed home auto care, there’s no substitute for a professional service inspection. So if you suspect problems with the clutch or anything else in your vehicle, schedule a service appointment at Middletown Honda, and let us help get you back behind the wheel fast!

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