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May 17th, 2012 by
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If you’re searching for a reputable, honest car dealership for your vehicle repairs, look no further than our Honda service department in Middletown, NY! As a full-service dealership, our team of factory-certified Honda service technicians are qualified to restore your vehicle to showroom quality no matter the service required! Whether you need a quick tune up, an oil change, electrical repairs, or full auto body collision repair, here at our state-of-the-art onsite maintenance facility we’re prepared to help. You can trust Middletown Honda to deliver quality repairs quickly so you can get back on the road sooner and back to your daily life.

Look for the Warning Signs of an Electrical Problem in Your Vehicle

Everyone fears the check engine light — after all, how is someone unqualified in auto repair supposed to know what may be wrong with their engine? However, what many people don’t realize is that often the check engine light is actually an indicator of an electrical problem or a potential system failure, and Middletown Honda’s service department is specifically trained to diagnose and repair automotive electrical problems. It’s important to get these sorts of electrical problems handled quickly, because while the problem could be as simple as a corroded part, it could also be as significant as one of your engine’s core safety systems, including:

– Car battery issues (alternators, charging systems, starters)
– Systems for brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights
– A short circuit or wiring issues
– Power windows, locks, and seats
– Airbag control and deployment
– Traction control
– Shifting and transmission systems

While it’s true that most modern vehicles include self-diagnosing systems, the analysis is encoded inside the engine computer and requires special readout equipment to access. It’s no longer as simple as blown fuses and loose components, as most electrical systems are automated and directed through internal computer programs. While at Middletown Honda we love and encourage home auto care, electrical problems are best handled by the professionals who understand your vehicle inside and out, so visit us with any problems you may have.

Schedule an Appointment With a Service Technician at Middletown Honda

If you’re seeing dashboard indicator lights or you’re concerned about your vehicle’s overall performance, get peace of mind by having your vehicle inspected at Middletown Honda’s service department. We’ll get to the root of the issue fast so you can get back behind the wheel, so schedule a service appointment today!

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