Middletown Honda has Advice to Help Your Teen be a Safe Driver

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Teaching Your New Teenage Driver Good Habits

Middletown Honda Dealership

Middletown Honda Wants Your Teen to Drive Safely

Teaching your new teenage drivers great driving habits can be a tough thing for parents, but you can always turn to our Middletown, NY car dealership for tips and advice on how to stay safe on the road. Is your teen about to get behind the wheel for the first time? Below are some helpful tips on how to encourage better driving practices when you aren’t there in the car with them.

Discuss the Importance of Safety While Driving

If your teen is heading out on the road for the first time by themselves, it’s crucial they know – and practice – safe driving techniques. Have you had the long talk about being responsible while behind the wheel? They may not like it, but take some time to review basic safety information, driving rules, and why it’s so important that they practice what they learned in Driver’s Ed.

Find a Way to Reward Your Teen for Good Driving Practices

Your teenager needs to be accountable for what they do behind the wheel, and as an extra incentive you can reward your teen in the process. One great way to do this is by offering to pay all or part of their insurance. By the time most teens start driving and get a car, they have a part-time job. Since they’re not making much, offer to help with their insurance as long as they don’t get in any accidents, get issued a speeding ticket, or do anything else that could be considered reckless.

Keep Teaching Them About Safe Driving Even After They Have Their License

No matter how you choose to teach your new driver the important of good driving habits, it’s important to always remain open and honest. Provide brochures and videos for them to watch and let your teen ask questions. They’re new to driving, and there’s a lot to learn when heading out on the road on your own for the first time.

Turn to Middletown Honda for All of Your Automotive Needs

Looking for assistance in finding your teen a safe car in Middletown, New York? Stop by Middletown Honda today to browse through our large selection of brand new and gently used vehicles. We’ll work with you to find a car that’s safe and affordable for your teen. Find us on Facebook to get hours and directions, and to stay up-to-date with the latest news about our dealership.

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