Music Lovers Love the Honda Civic and Accord

August 27th, 2013 by

Honda's infotainment system featured in 2013 Accord and Civic

While in the recent past a device needed to be directly loaded with a music file to play a song, newer streaming services like Pandora and Spotify allows listeners to access a seemingly endless library of music. Been meaning to listen to the new Sleigh Bells album? No need to buy it, just pull it up on Spotify.

When looking for a new vehicle, audiophiles place a strong emphasis on its ability to interface with their music. Two of Honda’s most popular models, as well as continued market favorites, the 2013 Accord and the 2013 Civic, both come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, as well as the cables drivers need to manually connect their devices to the sound system.

Honda takes it a step further, though, by including a standard color screen in the console as a part of the i-MID multimedia system. Besides accessing your music, you can also connect to Pandora, and having the song information appear on the console.

Getting the Most out of the i-MID Display

The i-MID system does a lot more than simply play music. It’s your most direct way of connecting with your vehicle. The Bluetooth connection with your phone allows you to easily place handsfree calls, access your phone book, as well as access text messages. Steering wheel-mounted controls for phone, audio, and cruise functions also make it so you never need to take your attention off of the road.

Both the 2013 Honda Civic and the Accord also come standard equipped with a multi-angle rearview camera. This allows you to see what’s behind you while in reverse, giving you an extra eye and the ability to increase your awareness of the area.

Learn More at Middletown Honda

If you would like to get a closer listen at the Accord and the Civic, as well as learn about the different available options for their sound systems, we encourage you to stop by Middletown Honda for a test drive. We’re located at 520 Route 211, a quick drive from towns like Newburgh and Mahwah. If you have questions, feel free to call us.