Honda to Debut New Civic Wagon

February 22nd, 2013 by

Middletown HondaThere are few things more well-known in the auto world than the popularity of the Honda Civic. As if its successes as a small car over the last few decades were not enough, in recent years, Honda has not only offered a wide variety of powertrains, including a hybrid and a natural gas-driven one, but they have upped the ante with regard to standard features, loading the basic Civic LX with a plethora of modern technology options that many other automakers make drivers pay extra for.

It has been recently announced that another evolution in the line of the Honda Civic will be coming to this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Concept Sketch Unveiled

Shortly after releasing the news that the 2013 Geneva Motor Show would be where drivers and critics would get a glimpse of the new Honda Civic Wagon estate car concept, Honda also let loose some concept sketches of the vehicle.

Chief among the features of the new Civic Wagon design include a sloping roofline with a built in rear spoiler, a large crease design over the rear wheels, and an LED taillight across the vehicle’s tailgate. This concept is supposed to hint very strongly at the direction of the final production vehicle, though we’ll obviously have to wait and see to know how close they are.

Although the name of the vehicle has yet to be confirmed, previous Civic estate cars have been named the Civic Aerodeck, and critics expect it to be powered by the same range of engines available on the Civic hatchback. In fact, the wagon aims to build on the hatchback’s reputation for versatility and cargo, which already beat out Ford’s Focus for storage space.

Stay Tuned to Middletown Honda

In addition to the new Civic Wagon being debuted, Honda is set to premiere the new engine for the CR-V as well, and you can trust Middletown Honda to give you the news as we here it, so check back regularly with us! If you have any questions about the current Honda lineup, drop by our dealership and take a look around. We can’t wait to see you.