Preparing Your Car For Winter

December 30th, 2012 by

Winter Weather ConditionsHere at Middletown Honda, we believe that everyone should be prepared for driving in winter weather, and that means getting your vehicle ready for it. Road conditions can vary, and a snowstorm could affect driving dramatically. Schedule an appointment online with our team of expert service technicians to get your car properly prepared for the elements.


Check List For Your Car

Check out all the things below to make sure your car is ready for winter weather. If you don’t have an expert knowledge of what’s going on under your hood, it may be best to have a professional run down this list for you.

  • •   Ignition, brakes, wiring, hoses, and fan belts
  • •   Spark plugs that need changed or adjusted
  • •   Pressure in your air, fuel and emission filters, and the PCV value
  • •   Battery
  • •   Antifreeze levels

Regular car tune-ups make your car run faster and better while saving more fuel. Stop by Middletown Honda’s service department today and they will make sure your car runs in top-condition.

Winter Equipment

During the winter months especially, it’s important to have these items in your trunk:

  • •   Spare tire and a jack
  • •   Jumper cables
  • •   Shovel
  • •   Tow and tire chains
  • •   Bag of salt or cat litter if you get stuck
  • •   Tool kit

Survival Kit

In and out of the cold season, you should always have your “emergency kit” packed away in your trunk. Below is a list of supplies to have in your kit:

  • •   Flashlight with batteries
  • •   Bright-colored cloth in case you have to abandon your car
  • •   Compass
  • •   First Aid Kit: Band-Aids, Neosporin, Gauze Pads, Medicine Tape, Tylenol, etc.
  • •   Windshield Cleaner
  • •   Snow brush, ice picker, sponge
  • •   Matches (in a waterproof container)
  • •   Scissors and string
  • •   Food and snacks that are non-perishable such as nuts, dried fruits, etc.
  • •   Blankets
  • •   Flares
  • •   Do not leave your car and find help. If you don’t where you are, it’s better not to go looking and get lost.
  • •   Flares are your best friend when you are stranded. Light two flares and place them a few feet away from your car on opposite sides. Take the bright cloth listed before and hang it from your window.
  • •   Make sure if you’re waiting in your car that the exhaust pipe is not being blocked. Do this by running the engine and the heat every ten minutes. Do not run out of gas though, so monitor this closely.
  • •   Use blankets to keep warm, prevent frostbite, and avoid hypothermia.
  • •   It’s possible that heavy snow and ice could seal your car shut when the heat is running. You may need to crack open a window slightly.

Tips If You Are Stranded in Your Car

For any more winter driving tips, or to have your car serviced, contact Middletown Honda online or by phone at (855) 473-3051. We are located at 520 Rt 211 East Middletown, NY.