Push-Button Technology Abounds at Honda

April 6th, 2013 by

Engine Start ButtonDid you ever watch cartoons like The Jetsons growing up and wonder why we were so far removed from push-button… well, everything? I know that I did, which is part of the reason I am excited to see the simple and effective push-button features that Honda is embracing.


The idea of a push-button ignition on a vehicle is sure to sound a bit odd to some drivers, as that means you don’t even need a key, right?

Well, not quite. The key fob that you use to lock and unlock your vehicle will be what your car searches for before it decides you can just push that button and drive off. It’s a neat convenience feature that may take a little getting used to, but it’s a nice little perk of all the nice technology that Honda is loading onto their vehicles.

Another upside is that with push-button ignition, you won’t have to worry about accidentally flooding your spark plugs if you find yourself in a situation where your engine is acting up or not wanting to start. It can be tempting to just keep turning the key over when you’ve got a key, but with the button, you’ll save yourself a potential headache later.

Econ Button

While push-button ignition is just a perk, the Econ button can save you money in the long run. Letting drivers choose between MPG and MPH, one press of the Econ button switches your engine between a performance-oriented tuning and an environmentally-friendly and fuel efficient one.

Indeed, while it can be tempting to think that the future of automobiles is a ways off since we still haven’t perfected that flying car, the fact is that Honda offers drivers some of the latest auto technology in their everyday vehicles. Standard LX trim levels of models like the Accord are loaded with amenities, from Bluetooth and SMS text messaging capabilities to a rearview camera system to Honda’s innovative new i-MID infotainment center.

And so much of it can be controlled with just the push of a button, whether it’s to start your car, to conserve fuel, or a steering wheel-mounted control to change what music you’re listening to!

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