Sane to Strange, Do-it-yourself Car Care Tips.

July 12th, 2012 by

Don’t have time to come in? Try these do-it-yourself tips and tricks to keep your car running the way it should.

In today’s economy everyone is trying to pinch his or her pennies in any way they can. Through the success of Pinterest’s Do-it-yourself category and television channels such as the DIY Network the industry for homemade fixes and cheap remedies is a platform that has captivated every household in America. Through this Do-it-yourself mentality here at Middletown Honda we want you to stay informed and practice routine car maintenance to keep your car running like it should even if it is not with us. If you cannot get to the dealership in time here are a few simple and a bit weird tips on how to keep your car clean and running just right.

First DIY Tip:

There is no reason not to visually check out the mechanics of your car. A cracking belt, low tread level on tires, low air tires, fluid levels and much more are all issues that through visual inspections that you can do at home to prevent big issues. Routinely taking a couple minutes out a month to just check these parts can save you big bucks in the end. In most new vehicles there is a serpentine belt and a timing belt that are easily visible to inspect. By simply inspecting the serpentine and timing belt are the easy ways to prevent significant damages. On the serpentine belt or S-belt, which brings power to a significant portion of your vehicle, should be inspected around the 50,000-mile mark. For this belt just check for cracks and wear that could ultimately snap the belt. If you see these signs make an appointment and come in to have it replaced before it breaks. The timing belt has notches in it in order to power your engine and make it go. For this a visual inspection would be the same at the S-belt check for cracks and debris.

Second DIY Tip:

Now here is where it gets a little crazy. Out of windshield washer fluid? Have none at the house but you need to fill up your reservoir? Try this recipe for homemade washer fluid right out of your liquor cabinet! In a gallon container mix three cups of vodka, four cups of water and two teaspoons of liquid dishwashing detergent. Stir until mixed completely. If your gallon container has lid, shaking works too! Once mixed, fill your reservoir with the amount you need and off you go, windshield wiper fluid ready to use!

Third DIY tip:

Do you drive in rural areas with dirt roads? Most dirt, unpaved or semi-paved roads are coated in oil to decrease the amount of dust and dirt in the air. If you drive regularly on these kinds of roads a film or grime of oil and dirt can acquire on your windshield and windows. Here’s a trick for you to cut through the film and keep your windshield clear and grime free.  Raid your spice rack or your local grocery store for some cream of tartar. All you have to do is sprinkle a little bit of cream of tartar on your windshield, then wipe down with some soapy water the cream of tartar, rinse off the mixture and dry. This will rid your glass of any build up those oily roads produce!


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