The Longevity of the Honda Accord and Civic

April 10th, 2013 by

Middletown HondaThere’s a good reason many of your kids’ friends drive old Accords and Civics; these classic Honda nameplates are known for their longevity. The durability of Honda vehicles’ is not a big secret, either. While models like Civic are in the lower-priced sedan class, drivers know that this lower price-tag is no indicator of cut corners or shabby craftsmanship. Even after many years of hard service, Civics and Accords are ready for another bout, whether if it’s as a hand-me down car to a new teen driver or a resale in the classifieds. Be sure to check out used Honda cars near Mechanicstown at Middletown Honda if you’re in the market.

Tuners Love Honda

It’s the high-level of craftsmanship that makes both the Civic and the Accord favorite picks for car tuners and modifiers. If you’re not familiar with tuning culture, drivers take a “stock” vehicle and make it their own with performance and appearance upgrades. Honda Day was recently held at the Atco Raceway in New Jersey to celebrate Honda tuning fans and the hard-work they’ve put into their vehicles.

Honda: Made in America

Despite their Japanese origin, both models play an important role in American automobile history. Beginning in 1982, the Accord became the first Honda vehicle to be produced right here in the United States, at Honda’s plant in Marysville, Ohio, which continues to operate to this day. The Accord also became first foreign nameplate to become the most popular vehicle in the United States.

The names of both models are interesting, too, and were picked carefully. The name “Accord” was chosen for a vehicle that Honda hoped would unite people and automobiles, making the car truly a part of everyday life for everyone. The name “Civic” represents a vehicle that could be afforded by most drivers, while still coming with a great list of features.

Built to Last

This overall longevity of Honda vehicles was recently recognized by ALG is their Annual Residual Value Awards. “The Honda engineering philosophy not only delivers immediate value to our customers but will pay off in the long run as well,” said Michael Accavitti, vice president of national marketing operations at American Honda.

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