The New England Summer Drive

April 22nd, 2013 by

Middletown Honda  As the warm weather finally seems to have decided to stick around, I’m looking forward to one thing in particular: a nice summer drive through the back roads of New England. Having grown up in and around cities, most of my driving had been confined to eight lane highways, whose only greenery were the brave shrubs that were able to creep up through the cracks in the pavement.

Getting Out of the City

Getting out of the city meant getting away from driving. When I would take my old Honda Odyssey out camping or for an afternoon hike, I couldn’t enjoy the experience until far away from the vehicle. The car was a reminder of city life and all of its noise and hustle. Leaving the car parked on the road, only then when was alone in nature were we able to unwind.

That all changed when I started to take summer jobs as a carpenter in small, rural theaters. Often working in towns where literally everyone knew everyone, cabin fever would quickly set in, despite being free to wander the square half mile of town.

Exploring in a Honda

In this instance, I’m thinking of the small wooded town in Vermont where I spent building show sets in an old barn turned performance space. The town was beautiful, featuring old colonial style homes and ancient rows of tall oaks. History was flourished here; the cemetery had graves that dated to back before the revolutionary war. You were lucky to find one in my town that pre-dated Elvis.

While enchanting, after extended periods of exposure, the small town would develop a Stepford Wives-like feel and my fellow carpenters and I would feel the need to escape. Suddenly my Honda Odyssey became my escape.

On weekends, I would drive for hours and hours, exploring the rural roads of Vermont as they wound past old farms, mountains, through dense gnarled forests, and past hidden lakes. While in the past such drives would leave me feeling quite groggy, we would all return feeling quite refreshed for the next week of work.

Back home now, I still make it a point to escape during the summer weekends after a week of at Middletown Honda for a nice drive in the country. All I need is a good friend to take along, my shades, a favorite album, and a nice, cool Arnold Palmer. Nothing beats an Arnold Palmer and a drive in your Honda.