Things to Do Around Middletown and Newburgh

If you’re looking for things to do around Middletown and Newburgh, you’ll find plenty of appealing attractions. Whether you want a walk in the woods, a ride through the sky, or to take in a movie at one of America’s oldest theatres, there’s something in Middletown or Newburgh that will interest you.

What to Do in Middletown?

The city of Middletown was incorporated way back in 1888. Today, it holds a wide array of events, activities, and sights for visitors and residents alike to enjoy.

Stage and curtains

Paramount Theatre: First opened on June 12th, 1930, the Paramount Theatre has been entertaining Middletown residents from the Greatest Generation right through to Millennials. Showcasing Art Deco styling on the outside and a wide selection of films and performances once you step through their doors, the Paramount Theatre is one of the city’s most famous venues.


Hot air balloons

Hot Air Balloon Rides: Local businesses Above the Clouds and Fantasy Fliers can both show you Middletown from above. Flying over the lower Hudson Valley presents some of the most breathtaking views in the country. Expect rolling emerald hills, picture-book towns, and shining waterways.



Highland Lakes State Park: For hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and even model airplane flying, head to Highland Lakes State Park. You’ll be able to lose yourself in more than 3,000 acres of undeveloped woods and lakes.

What to Do in Newburgh?

The city of Newburgh boasts the second largest historic district in New York State, with over 4,000 buildings of historic interest. Thomas Edison’s second power plant was installed here, and it was the second American city to have electrical street lighting. Today, you’ll find that it still offers plenty of things to do.

Film Center

Downing Film Center: The Downing Film Center is right on the waterfront. A popular not-for-profit organization, it specializes in world cinema that wouldn’t normally be made available.



Waterfront: Newburgh’s waterfront is one of its most popular sites. Lined with restaurants that cover everything from Asian fusion to barbeque, it makes an ideal place to spend the night, even if you’d just like to walk up and down the river as you watch the Hudson flow by.



Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site: General George Washington’s time at Newburgh marked his rejection of leading a monarchy after the war was won, preventing military control of the government, and circulating a letter to State Governors that would go on to influence the writing of the Constitution. At the Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site, you’ll see where American history was shaped.