Being Prepared for a Vehicle Emergency

April 20th, 2012 by

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We’ve all seen these scenarios in movies, but what should you really do if your car breaks down in real life? At Middletown Honda – your trusted car dealer in Middletown, NY – we can help you be prepared to respond to and recover from a car emergency. Even though major incidents such as driving your car into a body of water, finding yourself with an empty fuel tank in the middle of nowhere, and being involved in an auto accident are rare, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for any eventuality.

Expert Tips From Middletown Honda

The first thing to do in a roadside emergency like a flat tire or a mechanical breakdown is to get your vehicle off the road. In case you’re in a busy lane or on the highway, lock the doors and stick an explanatory note on the windshield. Next, turn on your hazard lights as soon as you realize something’s amiss. The goal here is to make your vehicle as visible as possible, so make use of any flares, cones, or orange roadside triangles you may have. You can also display a distress signal so that the police patrolling the area notice you. Raising your hood is the best way to do this. You can also tie a cloth to your radio antennae so that it is visible from afar.

In the event that your car is sinking in a body of water, do not panic. Undo your seatbelt first so that you can maneuver inside the cabin. If the car has already started sinking, the air pressure inside needs to be made equal to the pressure outside. Strange as it may sound, do not open the windows until the water level is about halfway up the glass, around shoulder level. Now is when you should take a deep breath and swim to safety.

If you are planning a long trip, you should have essential safety equipment in your car at all times, including a first aid kit and emergency flares or triangles. Check with our staff at Middletown Honda for more safety tips.

Middletown Honda Has You Covered in Emergencies

Come to Middletown Honda and we’ll be glad to give you further advice and assistance on what to do in an automotive emergency situation. We have a well-stocked inventory of genuine car parts and accessories to keep you and your car safe. Visit us on Facebook or simply give us a call at (800)99-HONDA.

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