Eight Helpful Safety and Driver-Assistance Features Found on the 2024 Honda HR-V

A grey 2024 Honda HR-V is shown at night in a parking space.

If you’re looking for an affordable subcompact SUV that’s loaded with impressive features, a Honda dealer should be your next stop. The Honda HR-V is an excellent small SUV with impressive capabilities. We love to tell drivers how many awesome features you’ll get in every trim, starting with the base-level option. We know that today’s drivers want vehicles that can keep up with their busy lives and have intuitive features that address everyday challenges to keep drivers and their passengers safe.

We don’t believe that drivers should have to buy upper trims or expensive vehicles to get such features, and clearly, Honda doesn’t think so either because every HRV model has a number of useful standard features. Below, we will cover eight intelligent features you will get no matter which trim of the 2024 HR-V you purchase.

#1. Real Time All-Wheel Drive With Intelligent Control System

When equipped with all-wheel drive, you get the traction you need on challenging terrain and inclement weather. The Real Time All-Wheel Drive with Intelligent Control System monitors the road, and if it senses a loss of traction, it will engage the rear differential for all-wheel drive control, giving you the confidence to handle a variety of driving conditions.

#2. The 3-Mode Drive System

Next, we will cover the 3-Mode Drive System. This includes ECON, Normal, and Snow modes. As you select either of these modes, the vehicle will make adjustments to processes and handling to optimize traction or fuel economy when appropriate. As you might expect, Snow mode boosts traction to keep you in control on powder-covered roads. ECON mode is designed to boost fuel efficiency; this is a great mode to activate when tackling stop-and-go traffic or congested city streets. Normal mode offers a good balance of command and fuel economy for most common daily scenarios. The HR-V is probably starting to surprise you with its chameleon nature. It is a small SUV, but the list of qualities it has that help you safely travel in a range of environments is a large list.

#3. Hill Descent Control

Now, we will look at the Hill Descent Control. If you live in a hilly environment, you will love this feature. Here is how it works: when you are driving downhill, it will maintain a constant speed while alleviating the burden of constantly stepping on the brake. Imagine the scenario where you are stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, going downhill. The need to move your foot between the gas and the brake every minute becomes exhausting. You can say goodbye to that frustrating experience by utilizing this intuitive feature.

A grey 2024 Honda HR-V is shown descending a snowy hill.

#4. Hill Start Assist

If you often have to go down steep hills, then you likely have to go up them too. That’s where Hill Start Assist comes in handy. Coming to a stop on an incline, with another vehicle just inches behind you, can be very stressful. It’s only natural that something as big as a car tries to roll backward the second you take your foot off the brake. This can lead to a costly collision with the vehicle behind you. Hill Start Assist addresses this problem. When you have come to a stop while facing uphill, and it is time to move your foot from the brake pedal to the gas pedal, Hill Start Assist will prevent your vehicle from rolling backward while you make this transition.

#5. Eco Assist

Eco Assist is a smart and intuitive feature special to the Honda family. If you are curious about how your habits are impacting your fuel efficiency, the system is ready to tell you. It has a Driver Feedback System that contains a meter in the instrument panel. This meter will change colors to indicate driver efficiency. So, if you’ve been using too much gas through hard braking or similar behaviors, the system will let you know. We can all use a little help learning more fuel-efficient behaviors, and this system can be one of your teachers.

#6. Programmable Power Locking Doors

There’s probably nothing scarier to a parent of little ones than the idea of a child opening a passenger door while the vehicle is still moving. Luckily, the 2024 HR-V has programmable power lock doors on every trim that automatically lock all doors as well as the trunk as soon as you slow down to 10 mph. So, if a little one gets excited seeing their friend playing in the street and wants to preemptively open the door to hop out, the car will prevent this from happening. You also have the option to program the system to lock or unlock in response to a variety of conditions. So adjust it the way that makes you feel safest.

#7. Traffic Sign Recognition

Road sign recognition is a highly popular feature in many Honda vehicles. It uses a camera mounted on the windshield to detect upcoming speed limit signs. It will display the corresponding icon on your information display. So, if you don’t see the physical sign, you can see it in your vehicle. The icon will blink to notify you when you have reached or exceeded the speed limit. If you’ve gotten a couple more speeding tickets than you’re comfortable with, you will appreciate this system. It proactively encourages you to slow down.

#8. Speed-Sensitive Volume Compensation

Speed-Sensitive Volume Compensation is a great feature for safety, and it also helps you be a more considerate neighbor and member of your community. It senses when you slow down and lowers the volume of your music or other audio media. When you speed up, it increases the volume. We love this feature because it will automatically lower your volume when you pull off of a main street onto a quiet suburban one, helping to keep your neighbors happy. However, when you get on the freeway and pick up speed, you won’t need to manually increase the volume to hear it over the sound of the road and engine; the vehicle will do that for you.

A close up shows the black steering wheel and gauges in a 2024 Honda HR-V.

Find the 2024 Honda HR-V at Middletown Honda

Are you ready to experience these awesome features for yourself? Come visit us at Middletown Honda. We have this affordable and well-designed subcompact SUV and would love to share it with you. Any member of our team will gladly get to learn what you’re looking for in a vehicle and put you in the right trim. As discussed here, you can expect all of the features covered in this blog to be in any model you purchase.

We believe your vehicle should have your back with clever features that keep you, your passengers, and your vehicle safer. We think Honda has done an excellent job providing this to drivers with the features covered above. We bring additional inventory on our lot daily, so there are always tons of models to check out. Plus, we offer competitive pricing and have a helpful finance team that’s ready to create a loan that suits your budget. And once you've picked out the perfect model, we'll continue to be here for you throughout your ownership, with a service and parts department for all your maintenance needs. Come check out the popular 2024 Honda HR-V today.