When Should I Replace my Timing Belt?

March 16th, 2013 by

Timing BeltWe all know that you need to get your oil replaced and your brakes inspected regularly, but many drivers forget about a little thing called the timing belt. While you might be able to sense when your brakes  need replacing, you’ll probably only know your timing belt needs replacing when it’s too late.

“Catastrophic” might be one of the best words to describe what happens when your this essential piece finally goes. As the belt that controls the movement of your engines cams, the valves that move air into and flush exhaust out of your pistons, the timing belt is essential to your vehicles operation. Lose it, and you’ll not only be hit with a towing fee to your mechanic, but a large maintenance bill as well.

The easiest way to know when your timing belt needs to get swapped out is to check your vehicle’s manual. A trove of useful and essential vehicle information, your manual contains a  schedule of when you need to get different systems serviced. Most manufacturers recommend a time some where in the range of 40,000 to 60,000 miles. Be sure to check for your exact time, though.

Don’t Ignore the Other Belts, Either

A timing belt replacement does cost a bit more than other pieces engine maintenance, but luckily its one of those things that only needs to get done a few times during your vehicles life. Taking care of it as a preventative measure is also a lot cheaper than the cost it takes to fix the mess ignoring it will cause.

When you bring your vehicle in to get the timing belt replaced, consider getting the other belts swapped out, too. Again, check your vehicle’s manual for this. Since your mechanic will already be digging around the engine, it’s much cheaper for them to replace the other belts along with the timing belt than to make a separate appointment.

Don’t Wait on Maintenance

If you’re overdue for a timing belt replacement, please don’t hesitate to contact our service department. Our team continues to be one of the most trusted in the Orange County area thanks to a dedication to quality and timely work. Give us a call or use our online scheduler to make an appointment. Middletown Honda is here and happy to help!