Why Checking Your Oil Level is Important

August 28th, 2013 by

checking the engine oilYou may feel that changing the oil in your car is beyond your abilities, but there’s still one very important way you can keep up with motor oil maintenance. Checking your oil’s level from time to time and then topping off the reserve off will help you to keep your engine happy and healthy.

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What Checking the Oil Tells You

Your oil is an important component of your engine because it acts as a lubricant between moving parts. Lubrication helps to cut down on friction, which in turn helps to cut down on heat. If the oil wasn’t doing its job, your engine would overheat, leading to expensive repairs or maybe even a new engine.

That doesn’t mean very high heat levels still aren’t present, though, in a healthy engine. Little by little, your motor oil begins to burn off, shrinking the total amount of fluid in the system. If this oil isn’t replaced, then you run the risk of vital engine parts being exposed and open to heat damage and corrosion.

Checking your oil can tell you where this level is at and if you should refill. The first part to this process is locating the oil dipstick in your engine. It typically looks like a little yellow ring. Pull it out, wipe off the oil, and stick it back in. When you pull it out again, look at where the bead of oil falls on the stick in relation to the markings. If it looks good, don’t worry about it. If it’s looking a little low, then little by little, fill up on oil.

In case you were wondering, don’t fill up through the dipstick. There should be a much larger hole on top of your engine block for the oil. The lid to this hole typically tells you what kind of motor oil to use. Using the wrong kind could cause serious damage, so make sure you get it right. Though filling up little by little and then checking it again may seem tedious, it’s key to not overflowing your reservoir. You’ll also get an idea in the future as to how much oil your engine needs.


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